Do Mangoes Boost Your High?

Do mangoes boost high? It’s a question all of us have to face. Interestingly, the world of marijuana has all we need to know whether there is anything like mango high or if it is a myth. 

Before we address this subject of whether the mango boost high, it’d be prudent to know some of the important details about this ancient fruit. Only then, we’ll be able answer the question; can mangoes boost your high?

What Is in A Mango?

For many years, pro marijuana advocates have tried various means to ensure they get the high that is expected of them after using marijuana. Some of the ways they have used have worked magic while others have failed terribly. 

Using a mango before or when smoking weed is one of the legit ways weed users have employed for many years and they believe it helps in creating the euphoric they are looking for.

However, you may ask, does mango boost your high? What do you need to know about mango boost high? To get the answers on mango high, we need to understand the ingredients of a mature mango.

Terpenes this chemical compound is not only found in mangoes but also in many other tropical fruits. These are hydrocarbons. When extracted or eaten, give out a sweet aroma. Apart from the exotic fragrance, hydrocarbons, when mixed with weed potency, they make one high in an instant.

Myrcene there is no difference between Terpenes and Myrcene. These two give the mango its unique taste and scent. As mentioned, these nutrients are also found in other fruits but you can expect the mango to have a bigger percentage of the nutrients.

Can Mangoes Boost Your High?

Now that you know the two main ingredients in a mango, it is time to answer the question; do mangoes boost high? The simple and straight answer is yes! However, you can say so about other fruits that have the two ingredients.

The work of mangoes boosting high starts from the moment one ingests the two chemicals found in mangoes. According to one study carried out in the early 70s, it is reasonable to believe that when one ingests myrcene , the body gets an instant ability to absorb a number of chemicals thanks to the improved functionality of the cell membranes.

The study goes on to say that at this point, if you smoke weed after taking a mango, which has terpenes and myrcene, your body will be ready to absorb chemicals from the weed. 

Interestingly, one of the first things your body is likely to absorb is myrcene that is in most marijuana strains. Besides, the body will also absorb THC from weed. As you may beware, THC is the chemical compound in weed that makes one high.

Although the sole reason why many people take a mango before smoking weed is to get high, a mango does more than that. 

Because of the chemical’s mode of operation – preparing the body to absorb other chemicals, you can expect it to aid in preparing the body to take in as many essential chemicals from marijuana as possible.

As such, taking a mango shortly before you smoke weed is a good way to ensure you get the best of the weed. This is helpful for those who are using medical marijuana to relief pain and other medical uses of marijuana such as to bring down anxieties, depression, and insomnia.

For a long time, some South American countries have used Myrcene-rich fruits and plants to treat sleeping-related problems and to ease physical inflammations among their inhabitants. In some isolated cases, the plants and fruits rich in Myrcene are also used to treat diabetes.


A Recent Study Supports The Earlier Study

More than 20 years after the first study in 1970, another study was conducted in Switzerland. Unlike the 1970s study, the 1997 study was done on 16 cannabis strains. The aim of the study was to figure out the amount of myrcene the different cannabis strains. 

Interestingly, the study proved that Myrcene level was high in all the 16 different marijuana strains than any other ingredient in the weed. It now explains why someone can be high after taking a mango. The Myrcene in the mango mixes with that of the weed to create the kind of highness called entourage effect.

However, it is understandable that while THC makes the user high, Myrcene on the other hand makes one relaxed because it tends to calm down the effects of feeling pain.

Thanks to the two studies, one on the mangoes and the other on cannabis, you can be assured that you will be high once you take a mango alongside your weed. But even so, timing is key. You must know the right time to eat a mango and the amount. As a rule, too much of something eaten at odd hours is not good.

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How To Improve Your High When Eating Mangoes

As already mentioned, timing is key. Even so, how does mango boost your high? After going through this article, it is evident that for good results, you need to eat a mango 1 or 2 hours before smoking weed. That way, you will give your body enough time to absorb the nutrients from the fruit in readiness to use them.

Besides, the body will also be prepared to absorb any other chemical from anything that is coming in after the mango. Besides, giving your body ample time to digest the mango will help in cutting any craving that might come up later after you are high.

Depending on the size of the mango, eating 1-3 mangoes two hours before you smoke your weed can give you good high results. This, of course, depends on an individual’s metabolic rate. For those with faster metabolic rate, you can eat the mangoes even an hour before you smoke weed.


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Final Thoughts

Now, let’s see if you can answer those important questions; can mangoes boost your high? The answer is yes. Do mangoes boost high? Still, the answer is yes. Does mango boost high? Absolutely! Now that you have answered right, be sure to include a mango in your diet a few hours before you smoke weed. That way, you will boost your high.


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