Types Of Weed Grinders

Being able to grind your weed effectively is something you should consider highly. When you break down your marijuana using a proper grinder, you increase the weed’s surface area, thus causing it to burn evenly when smoked. In addition, the process makes it easier for you to extract more cannabinoids from marijuana and makes the smoking session more enjoyable.

Herb grinders come in a variety of different shapes, design types, and sizes. Starting with the basic acrylic 2-piece weed grinder to a more complicated 4 or 5-piece metal weed grinder, you can now break down your weed to your preferred size before you sit down on a couch to enjoy it with your friends. 

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In this guide, we’ll delve into the subject of marijuana grinders. Apart from speaking the various types of marijuana grinders, you will also learn the subtle difference that lies between each of the grinders. 

Let’s start with the first type of marijuana grinder that many people know:


Acrylic weed grinders are lightweight. They are the best for beginners. These grinders are convenient when one is on the move. You can slide them into your pocket more comfortably and be on the move. As the name implies, these types of cannabis grinders are made from an acrylic material, usually coming in a 2-part model as well as a 3-part model, which would feature a compartment for storing kief.

Although cheap and lightweight, acrylic grinders are fitted with plastic teeth, which do not last longer especially if you use the grinder regularly.

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Wooden grinders for weed are an effective method for breaking down marijuana buds however; they might not be as good at evenly grinding weed as other options that could be found on the market.

These wooden grinders only come in a two-part model featuring a lid and a grinder. The grinder however features pointing metal teeth that resemble nails. These however tend to be problematic in tearing through thick dense nugs.

A down side to wooden grinders also is that over time the lid can become quite a hustle to twist as the sticky kief can build up along the crevices. In addition, the lack of a kief compartment leaves a lot to be wanted when it comes to wooden grinders.



Metallic cannabis grinders are by a longshot one of the most effective designs when it comes to finding a grinder for weed. The reason there are so good firstly is that they contain strong metallic teeth that are durable, which means they don’t wear down but also easily cut through even the largest and thickest marijuana buds. They are also relatively easier to clean, which means the sticky kief can be easily removed from the apertures, which would ultimately allow for an easy twist grinding weed.

When it comes to durability, these version of grinder is quite sturdy and could withstand a drop without getting heavily damaged metal grinders boast 2, 3 as well as 4 compartment models allowing for a good variety of choice.


It comes a time when it feels as if using a manual cannabis grinder is a waste of time as well as effort. Enter the electric grinder. It is a dependable way to getting perfectly ground weed every time you grind. 

The design of these particular types of grinders resembles that of stick blenders. The procedure to grinding should simply be to pack your marijuana buds into the grinding compartment   attach it to the grinder, close the lid tightly, and hit the grind button. Shortly, you would have your smooth ground weed ready to be rolled.


A grater is the final design type when it comes to the varieties of grinders for weed. Simply put, a grater is just a piece of serrated metal that would allow for shredding of the buds when rubbed against it. It works sort of like a cheese grater.

The only downside, however, is that is that as you rub the buds, it tends to split pieces of weed all over the place and may, in isolated instances, prove to be impractical.

PS: When buying weed grinders, you need to remember one more thing – an important feature that differentiates grinders.

Number of Compartments

Different grinder designs allow for either less or additional compartments to achieve an even finer grind. The more the compartments in a cannabis grinder , the easier it becomes to achieve a fine grind.

The first type of compartmentalized grinder is the basic 2- piece grinder, which features just a lid and a grinding compartment. This type of grinder does not boast a kief compartment but the advantage about this type of grinder is its small size, which makes it portable. In fact, you can slip it into the pocket.

The other compartmentalized design is a 3 – piece cannabis grinder that features an extra compartment, which is designed to catch fine marijuana particles that fall off holes that are drilled next to the grinding teeth. This means that as you twist and turn the grinder, the more the bud breaks and collects at the bottom.

A 4- piece variety of weed grinders is also available. This is one of the best varieties of grinders in the market as this particular grinder boasts the three compartments as well as an extra fourth compartment at the bottom. On top of cutting weed, it goes an extra measure and sieves it to leave a fine kief at the grinder’s base.

The last type of compartmentalized grinder is a 5- piece marijuana grinder. If kief from the 4- piece grinder is not fine enough, this type features a kief screen that goes an extra mile to filter the fine kief into pure cannabis pollen that collects at the bottom compartment. This is the purest and finest form of grinded weed.

Final Thoughts

A proper herb grinder is an extremely important piece of equipment that can ease your smoking experience. The fact that grinders break down your marijuana into small bits that you can smoke instead of forcing you to use your hands is incredible. As a weed connoisseur myself, I would advise you to invest in a grinder that suits your preference to make the grinding process easier and ideal.


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