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200+ Cannabis-Related Tools & Accessories

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Are you shopping for the perfect cannabis Christmas gift? Well, I have a huge catalog of options and you can order everything online. This cannabis gift catalog is carefully organized into easy to navigate sections.



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Homegoods & Novelty

Canna Boss Mug


Cannabis Art

Some people pull weeds, others smoke them.


Cannabis Bud Pillow

Sorry, it’s just a pillow!  

Cannabis Fun Blanket


CannaBoss Cell Phone Case

Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars

Cannabis Duvet Cover


Have a Dope Day Art

Sign: Marijuana is the Devil’s Harvest


Cannabis Leaf Thermos


Happiness Does Grow on Trees Pillow


Cannabis Leaf Curtains



THC Molecule Mug



Cannabis Clock

Pot Leaf Travel Neck Pillow

The perfect cannabis gift to travelers who love cannabis.



Marijuana Leaf Blanket


Cannabis Leaf Canvas Art – 3-Piece



Essential Oil Diffuser

Marijuana Leaf Tapestry – Handmade


THC Molecule Art & CBD Molecule Art


THC Molecule – Cannabis Leaf Glasses – 16 oz


Cannabis Leaf Shower Curtain


CannaBoss Travel Mug


Pot Leaf Coasters




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Pax 3

The Pax portable dry herb vaporizer is my personal favorite. If you use a mix of concentrates and dry herb, the Pax 3 can handle both. I was recently told that the Pax 3 heats up in only 15 seconds!

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The Mighty


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Volcano – Tabletop Vaporizer

The volcano tabletop vaporizer is the most precise and effective way to vaporize cannabis.

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Cannabis Tools


The Original Nuggy by NugTools is the smoker’s multi-tool. It consolidates ten different smoking functions into a single device.


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Elevate Smoking tools

Elevate designs and creates heirloom-quality smoking accessories (like the Colfax Dugout Kit V2, The Fillmore Bubbler, and wooden blunt/joint tips) that are both functional and beautiful. Each accessory is made to last a lifetime and add a little extra class and style to your everyday. 

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Caps to seal and clean your bong!

ResCaps allow you stretch and seal airtight caps over glass water pipes, steamrollers, and other glass accessories to help clean by enabling vigorous shaking with no-spills. ResCaps also keep contents of packed and ready waterpipes and dab rigs contained while traveling.

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The Happy Kit

Almost everything you need to stay happy. 






Grav Labs

Aluminum dugout and taster by Grav labs. 



RezBlock prevents resin from building up in your glass pieces.

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Pollen Press

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RAW Pre-Rolled Cones

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Wooden Trident Joint Holder

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4″ Wooden Weed Box

Flavored Rolling Papers & Rolling Kit



Pipe Cleaners


Marley and MeTasterBat

Joint Storage – Pot Pockets

Handcrafted joint storage.





THC Molecule T-Shirt

Peace, Love, & Pot



Cannabis Is Safer Than Most of Your Groceries T-Shirt


The Benefits of Cannabis T-Shirt


Pot Leaf Tank Top


Rainbow Pot Leaf Shirt


Highway 420

Cannabis Leaf Peace Sign T-Shirt

Cannabis Christmas Shirt

Marijuana Leaf Sweatshirt (7 Colors)


Best Buds Matching T-shirts

Couple Matching – Best Friends Matching Pot Leaf T-shirts


Pot Leaf Long Sleeved T-Shirt




Jogging Pants


Happy Pineapple Pants

Pot Leaf Pants

Cute Cannabis Leggings 

Marijuana Leaf Leggings


Cannabis Shorts


Baked Booty Shorts


Marijuana Leaf Skirt


Men’s Bathing Suit – Marijuana Leaf Pattern



Men’s Fleece Jogging Pants


Don’t Worry Be Happy Marijuana Leaf Shorts


Patriotic Pot Leaf Shorts


Cannabis Leaf Swimsuit

The Cannabis Gift Catalog features over 200 marijuana-related accessories. Choose from hundreds of unique gifts for weed enthusiasts & MMJ patients.



Cannabis Bralette & Boyshort

Cannabis Leaf Underwear





Weed & Bong Underwear

Cannabis Leaf Boxer Shorts

Cheech & Chong Boxer Shorts


Marijuana Leaf Pasties

Weed Socks and Boxers Set



Cannabis Jewelry

Abalone Shell Marijuana Leaf Necklace

THC Molecule Necklace


Cannabis Leaf Sterling Silver Ring

Rainbow Pot Leaf Pin

Crescent Moon & Cannabis Leaf Pendant

THC Molecule Earrings


Marijuana Leaf Earrings


Cannabis Leaf Bangle


American Flag Cannabis Leaf Pin



Best Stoner Accessories

Marijuana Bowtie 

Marijuana Knee-Highs




Weed Socks

Marijuana Leaf Wallet


Kush Hat


Pot Leaf Sneakers/Tennis Shoes

Cannabis Leaf Rain Boots

Marijuana Leaf Hat

Marijuana Leaf Bowtie 


Pot Leaf Flip-Flops




Marijuana Man Costume

I bet you never knew you needed one of these.


Odor Proof Bags

Dime Bag – Padded Storage



Carbon Filtered Smellproof Backpack




Urban Warrior Bag

Skunk Lifestyle edition Urban Warrior Smell Proof Case Olive Green 7″x3″



AnnaBis Designer Bag


Stashlogix ProStash Cannabis Storage

Stashlogix’ large cannabis storage case is made of hemp. This smell-proof bag is a locking stash box. It also has a charging port for vaporizers.  





Pot and Pirates Lunch Bag




Stash Boxes


Tree of Life Plastic Stash Box



Cannador, airtight cannabis storage containers for short and long-term storage, control humidity to maintain freshness. Pair Cannador with Blustream’s smartphone capable RH monitoring sensor and app.


Secret Book Stash Box Gift Set


Faux Dictionary Safe

SmokeSafe Odor Proof Locking Case

This cannabis lock box is odor proof.


Intelligent Storage



Arizona Secret Stash Container

This stash container is one of the best stoner gifts on Amazon. 


Waterproof Smell-Proof Vials for cannabis storage


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Mr. Potbeard

Stash Jars

Medical marijuana should be stored in an airtight container. Cannabis stash jars and weed storage containers make great marijuana gifts for users of cannabis flower.


Gold Mustache Stash Jar

Pepe Le Pew Stash Jar


THC Molecule Storage Jar


Herb Guard Jar



Marijuana Leaf Cannabis Storage Jar


Rolling Trays


Rolling trays make great gifts for cannabis smokers. If your cannabis lover enjoys a joint or blunt, give them a gift to help roll them.

Marly and Me Rolling Tray 



RAW Rolling Tray Bundle

Raw Rolling Tray Small Bundle with Raw 110mm Roller and Raw King Size Supreme Rolling Papers 



Dia De Los Muertos Rolling Tray




Marijuana Leaf Rolling Tray

Full-Size Rolling Tray Bundle – 12” x 8″ Tray + 110mm Rolling Machine + King Size Raw Rolling Papers (Two Colors)

Beamer Natural Bamboo Val Large Rolling Tray with 12 holes for Bic Lighter, Rolling Papers, Cigars, Smoking Accessories + No Chemicals or Dyes


Blue Mandala Cannabis Gift Set


Marilyn Monroe Herb Grinder















Scarlet Sapling Bong


Aurora Waterpipe 



Luck Waterpipe by MyBudVase




Burmese Waterpipe 


Tree of Life Glow-in-the-Dark Bong

What are the differences between Bongs and Hookahs?



GStar 11″ Hookah 

8″ Mya Petite Hookah

Sky Blue Hookah

Marijuana Pipes & Bubblers

High Tea Wake & Bake Mug



Glow-in-the-Dark Scorpion Pipe



Obsidian Natural Crystal


Wake and Bake Cereal Bowl 




Silicone Hammer Pipe


Lapis Lazuli 

Tentacle Spoon Pipe




Clear Skies Ahead 




See 15+ More Bubblers





Elegant Bronze Lighter

Pretty Flower – Gold Lighter


Torch Style Lighter




Crystal Ashtray 





Tools for Edibles

Magical Butter Machine

If you’re making edibles, marijuana pills, or topicals at home, you need this device.

This machine makes it easy for patients to make their own medication.

Cannacals Home Kits

Cannacals are the best way to label your edibles. The label is baked right onto your food making them easily identifiable.

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin increases the potency of homemade edibles.

Magical Butter Molds


Pot Leaf Cookie Cutters


Cannabis Leaf Candy Molds

Marijuana Leaf Apron


Cannabis Candy Molds

Decarb Box 

This oven thermometer helps you monitor cooking for the perfect cannabis decarboxylation.

The Ardent Decarboylator

This is how I decarb cannabis perfectly every time

ardent decarboxylator - perfect decarb every time



Cannabis-Related Books

Higher Etiquette

Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out

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Goldleaf Patient Journals

Goldleaf was created to bring a sophisticated and scientific eye to the cannabis community. With products for the enthusiast, whether that be the producer or end user, Goldleaf focuses on aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful designs, from hemp-derived jotter notebooks to full-scale guidebooks and educational prints.


Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana




High Times Cookbook



Double-Blind Magazine


Brave New Weed World

The History of Weed in 101 Objects

Find the perfect stoner gift for every weed lover on your list. This cannabis gift guide contains of 200 marijuana related accessories.




CBD Products

These products may be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the US.


This is my favorite CBD oil. Buy Nurse Grown CBD Oil


Nature Nurse CBD Cocoa Cannabinoids

Made from the highest quality cocoa!


Nurse Grown DIY Hemp Topical Kit

Make your own CBD topical at home with this DIY kit (You will save a TON of money on topicals if you DIY.)


TriBeauty CBD Anti-Aging Skincare Bundle | Eye Cream, Face Mask & Collagen Boosting Serum 

TribeBeauty by TribeTokes


Nurse Grown CBD Massage Oil 


Strava CBD-Infused Coffee

CannaSmacks Luxe Skin Line

CannaSmack is a woman-owned and operated company that manufactures all natural, cruelty-free, hemp-infused lip balms and lotions plus a line of SPF products made entirely in the USA using domestic hemp sourced from Oregon. CannaSmack products are both 100 percent legal under federal, state and local laws and their products are 100 percent non-intoxicating.


TribeTokes Vape Carts



CannaSmack Hemp Infused Lotion


CannaSmack Lip Balm

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