Product Review: Awesome Trays – Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Awesome Trays

Here at Cannabis Barcelona, we love trying new products, especially ones that are created with the love or cannabis in mind. So, we decided to try out this relatively new company called Awesome trays that specialize in custom rolling trays and high quality accessories.

Rolling trays are every stoner’s godsend, they make our lives more convenient and much less messy. It’s mind-boggling how underrated these small rectangular objects are given the benefit they provide! Think of it this way, the moment you use a rolling tray, there’s no going back.

Awesome trays have definitely set the standard in this industry by providing the ultimate custom rolling trays out there. Their immaculate, trippy, and on-point designs are just amazing! When we were browsing through their website to make our order, it took us almost 30 mins to pick out the ones we wanted as we literally wanted to get all of them!

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