How To Get Big Buds On Autoflower

Although some will dispute, the fact is autoflowering marijuana strains are the latest talk. All serious cultivators and users agree that autoflower strains are the latest, perhaps craziest marijuana strains that will not only give them the desired harvest but also continue to invite high demand from users.

But even as we speak fondly of the autoflowering plants, the question on how to increase autoflower yield or how to get bigger buds on autoflowers continues to hit cultivators hard.

Before we see the various ingenious ways on how to get bigger yields from auto-flowers, it is important to mention that you can get as many genuine seeds from our seedbank that contains assorted autoflower seeds. Two famous strains that stood the test of time and well known for big buds are Cheese Autoflowering and Northern Lights XTRM Autoflowering.

After that unforgettable mention of our seedshop, it is fair that we now delve into the various proven ways on how you can increase yield autoflower. Even if you have tried some of the ways mentioned below; there will still be no harm in trying to implement other ways that may appear new to you from our list.

The proven ways on how to get big buds on autoflower and how to grow big autoflowers start right now …


Choose The Right Strain

The number one thing on how to increase autoflower yield starts with the choice you make. It is reasonable to believe that the world of marijuana strains offers a great deal of seeds. Because of the widespread cultivation, transportation, and marketing of the various types of marijuana strains, you can expect that many people now know a lot about marijuana than any other time in history.

Although there is vast information out there, still young and inexperienced cultivators make wrong choices when it comes to planting marijuana. Cultivators end up choosing the wrong type of strain.

As such, if you want to increase yield autoflower, you need to be keen when selecting the seeds. You can do your research on the various sites that post information on how to grow and tend the crop until maturity. However, I must admit that I haven’t seen any site that does so perfectly as AMS.

Some of the sites I have come across personally give scant information on how to plant the seeds, how long the seeds take before they germinate, growing period, the recommended temperature, and the expected yield. This last point differs from plant to plant. 

Therefore, you need to know what autoflowering strain you want to settle at and its expected harvest before you spend your money on the seeds.

autoflowering plant

Use Airy Grow Mediums

The second point on how to get bigger yields from auto-flowers is making use of air grows mediums.  Do not underestimate this point. As you may have known by now, air grow mediums are one of the best and practical ways of stimulating weed growth.

It is important to know that most autoflowering marijuana plants start to flower within 60 days after planting. That is such a short time thus you may need to stimulate vegetative growth considering that short period.

When you boost the vegetative growth at a time the weed is young and energetic, chances of getting substantive yield are almost certain.

For best results, experienced weed cultivators recommend the growing of your autoflowering marijuana on coco, vermiculite, perlite, and rockwool if possible.

Add As Many Nutrients As Possible

Speaking of nutrients, this is not a new thing. Like any other crop, autoflowering cannabis needs sufficient nutrients throughout their growing period. It is important to know what nutrients are good for quick germination, growth, and those that give your weed firm and thick stalk. In addition, you should also add foliage that will boost leave production.

It is especially important to ensure you add the required nutrients during the plants’ vegetative period. During this time, a good choice of crop will start to show you the amount of harvest you will get in the end.

Bloom nutrients, which are applied at the last growing phase of the weeds are necessary as well. During this time, the crops would have drained all the vegetative nutrients that you applied and they will be waiting for anything to sustain themselves against any deficit that may have taken place. If you don’t add bloom nutrients, the plants will start to wither and grow weak soon or later.

Do Not Overwater Your Autoflowers

One of the greatest mistakes some cultivators do when they are trying to know how to get bigger buds on autoflowers is overwatering the plants. According to experts in this field, excessive watering of autoflowers or cannabis plants for that matter, leads to stress to the plants.

Stressed plants will not utilize water that is in the soil. Instead, they will wither, and grow weaker every day. Only water your autoflowers when you see that the soil is dry or the flowers start to fade. Otherwise, a lot of water will be an obstacle in achieving the desired yield.

Lighting Remains a Big Factor

When many people read that autoflowering weed strains do not necessarily, need a change in their lighting cycle to produce flowers they rule out lighting completely. That is very wrong. Every plant needs light – sufficient lighting. 

It is common sense that the duration and the intensity of light that you provide your crops are important in their germination, growth, and nutrient composition. 

The other unique thing about autoflowering strains is that they seem to be pre-programmed. With this view in mind, you know that the plants have a limited amount of time to start producing flowers. It is for that reason that you need to do whatever it takes to ensure the crops utilize the short window to produce as many rich leaves as possible. One way you can ensure the autoflowers utilize the little time by introducing proper lighting to your crops.

Do Not Transplant the Autoflowers 

Unnecessary transplantation of your autoflowers will have a profound impact on the expected yield. It is common sense that a crop that has already germinated and started to take root will grow faster than a newly-transplanted crop even if it is on the same area.

Untimely transplantation is likely to cause stress to the autoflowers. Besides, as a rule, time is of essence when it comes to autoflowering strains. You have a very short time to remove the seedlings from the pod to the pot or any other identified area.

Final Thoughts

The questions on how to get big buds on autoflower, how to grow big autoflowers, and ways to increase yield autoflowers are very important to new weed growers. Experienced cultivators too, need to learn the tricks of increasing their yield from autoflowering strains. I am grateful that this information will be of help in your quest of increasing autoflowering yield.

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