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Most Unusual Birthday Gifts For Cannabis Lovers

As cannabis continues to get legalized across the country, it’s also becoming more normalized among regular people. People now take an interest in this plant as they would in fashion, cooking, or sports. 


We all know that hobbies make for excellent gift inspirations. However, if you’re new to the world of marijuana, you might feel at a loss when it comes to gift ideas. Let’s explore some fantastic options to make the weed enthusiast’s birthday that much better. 


A Subscription Box


No cannabis aficionado will sulk when presented with a curated box stocked with their favorite products. You might even provoke a grin by adding some new ones they’ve been looking to try. 


As the Me Time Box specialists explain, a subscription service lets you throw in anything from glass pieces to premium wraps and papers, rolling trays, or one-hitters in the package. If you’re inexperienced, though, go for a company that selects everything for you. 


Plus, if you purchase several months of membership, you can let the recipient pick the items for the boxes to come while still surprising them with the first one. 


Helpful Accessories


To go a bit more personal and still keep your gift on the practical side, consider which smoking accessories your buddy uses. Their experience will get ten times better with high-quality, must-have products to support the delivery method. 


Storage Jars


Back during the days of illegal weed, people stored it in tiny zip bags beneath their mattresses. A storage system upgrade is more than welcome in the modern environment, though. Air-tight jars help a stockpiling stoner keep the buds fresh and showcase their stash. 


A Stash Bag


Not everybody’s big on displays, though. Stash bags ensure safe, stylish, and air-tight storage for people who like to keep things discreet.


Rolling Trays


Joint smokers tend to make a mess around themselves or use a notebook as a rolling surface. A tray can make a world of difference, especially if it’s slick and sturdy. 




Any self-respecting smoker owns at least one grinder, but they’re always happy to own more. If you get them a well-designed item with extra storage space and choose a design that reflects one of your inside jokes, they’ll hold on to it with gratitude and a smile.


Pre-Rolled Cones


On the other hand, the gift recipient might be clumsy while rolling joints, even with the help of a tray and a grinder. In that case, why not tease them a bit and assist them at the same time? Pre-rolled cones make the task a breeze.



Cannabis-Infused Everyday Items

People, including cannabis lovers, are multidimensional. So, they have other hobbies and preferences besides marijuana. 


You can double the pleasure they get from your gift by making it THC-infused, though. Today’s dispensaries sell everything from cannabis wine to perfume and edibles in every form imaginable.




Bites of THC-drenched tasty goodies are the ideal solution for those just dipping their toes into edibles. They make it much easier to control the dosage and caloric intake while enjoying that intense, full-body high. 


Bath Bombs


A CBD bath bomb offers a next-level night of soaking in warm water. It won’t lead to a high of a lifetime, but it’ll amp up the relaxation levels and help release stress from the mind and body. They smell fantastic, too.


CBD Candles


These are an ideal two-in-one decorative solution that looks fabulous in any home while providing a secret to quick relief. 


Choose a buttery vanilla base or a fresh citrus smell. Then, insist on lighting it as soon as your pal opens the box. The second part of the present is a CBD-wax massage to relieve tension in a heartbeat. 



Marijuana-Inspired Souvenirs


Perhaps your stoner companion has the products covered, but you still want to get them a marijuana-inspired gift. Luckily, there are endless items with this design option, and not all come wrapped in the familiar yet predictable leaf.


Paintings and Tapestries


Choose a favorite piece of art and commission it made with a fun twist. Maybe the Mona Lisa has a blunt in her mysterious smile, or the starry night features some green within the famous whirls? These are guaranteed to delight and find a place on a prominent wall.




The stereotype of a cozy, sleepy stoner persists for a good reason. Cannabis provides nights of peaceful rest, but cushions also help. You could get a high-quality neck pillow, earplugs, and an eye mask in an amusing design that matches the before-bed activities.


Weed Boxes


Unlike bags and jars, boxes aren’t storage-only. They’re stylish, decorative, and 100% customizable. Engrave a nostalgic cover and a sentimental message for bonus friendship points. 


Cookie Cutters


Cooking with weed gets much more fun with a cookie cutter to illustrate your buddy’s passion for the plant. Can munchies get any better?


Encouraging Guidebooks


If your loved one is only just getting into the trend, they’re likely excited about marijuana and prepared to learn everything they can about it. The internet holds all the answers, but there’s something about hard-cover books that nobody can resist.




Store-bought edibles are excellent, but there’s joy in preparing a THC-packed meal at home. Get a cookbook that first teaches the basics for beginners to ensure kitchen safety.


Gardening Books


A green thumb combined with a passion for cannabis creates a desire to cultivate the plant at home. The right educational resources are an excellent push in the right direction.


Self-Care Books


Marijuana can do wonders when incorporated into other TLC routines. Many authors are starting to research how the green plant can make its way into the average westerner’s everyday life and make it better.


In Conclusion


Finally, remember that it’s not always easy to tell which products are good or bad, especially if you’re not a cannabis lover yourself. 


So, use this list as a guide to get your imagination going and then read store reviews. Reputable shops sell high-quality products, and they’re your best bet for putting a smile on your friend’s face. 


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